The new cromatec linear stainer will greatly improve productivity and cost effectinevess for routine histology and cytolog staining.


جهاز صبغ الأنسجة الدوار (كاروسل)

لقد تم تصميم جهاز صباغة قطاعات الأنسجة الهستولوجية ذو نظام الدوران حول محور رأسى (كاروسل) موديل MSM من شركة سلىّ ميديكال ليناسب الأحتياجات الأساسية للقيام بوظائف الصبغ الروتينية فى معامل الهستولوجى والسيتولوجى . فقد تم تجهيزه ليحوى 12 وحدة او 24 وحدة صباغة سعة كل منها 400 مل . 



Automated Tissue Stainer

The tissue stainer MAS combines flexibility with speed and opens new dimensions in the field of automation. It is possible to work with different staining protocols at the same time due to the large number of 44 stations. The instrument can process up to 12 baskets containing 30 slides each. Programming and process control is via colored LCD display. Its unique Reagent Management System (RMS) ensures high quality samples and helps reducing consumption and costs. User safety and comfort is ensured by a highly efficient integrated exhaust system including carbon filter.