Coverslipper (stand-alone)


The innovative coverslipping technology enables an increased throughput and high reproducibility.

The MCS II coverslipper is equipped with highest quality standards, coverslipping is processed separately for each single glass. Fast and without bubbles. This method guarantees a reliable throughput. The MCS II coverslipper is designed as an open and stand-alone system.


  • High throughput of up to 360 slides per hour
  • Regulated by a 7-step speed control
  • Applicable to micro slide racks of different automated staining systems
  • Easy integration into the workflow of a routine laboratory

Standard components

Slide baskets (8 pcs. up to 30 slides each)
Cover glass holder (50 and 60 mm, 2 pcs.)
Carbon filter (2 pcs.)
Mains cable
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