CUT 5062

The semi-automatic precision microtome CUT 5062 is designed for all applications in routine, research or industry. Years of experience and customer input have contributed to create one of the best semi-automatic microtomes available.

The CUT 5062 combines highest precision with user friendliness as well as best comfort. Like all Slee microtomes, the CUT 5062 comes with a complete set of standard components which can be individually adapted to customer’s needs, ready to be used out of the box.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Spacious, integrated section waste tray
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Hand wheel lock in any position
  • Blade holder levers changeable (for left-handed users)
  • 2 operation modes (standard and rocking mode)
  • Motorized trimming up to 750 μm, programmable
  • Motorized advance / return of specimen (2 speeds)
  • Display of section counter, section sum and remaining travel
  • Tip function for precise specimen approach
  • 2 specimen feed memory positions
  • Variable retraction
  • External control panel (optional)
  • Second hand wheel brake (optional)

Standard components

Specimen orientation
Universal cassette clamp, orientable (alternatively: standard specimen clamp, orientable)
Disposable blade holder (alternatively: standard knife holder)
Section waste tray
Disposable blades, low profile (1 box, 50 pcs.)
Dust cover
Mains cable

Optional accessories

Aquatec system
MTR bench top quick freezing unit
Magnifier with illumination (dimmable)
External control panel CUT 5062
TC65 disposable blade holder (for tungsten carbide blades)
Tungsten carbide blade (1 pcs.)
Disposable blades
Glass knife holder (for triangle glass knives)
Segment arc incl. universal sample holder (for glass knife holder application)
Super Mega cassette clamp, orientable
Super Mega cassette clamp, fixed
Standard specimen clamp, orientable
Standard specimen clamp, fixed
Foil clamp (use in standard specimen clamp)
Standard knife holder
Knife holder basis unit
Prism (set)
Round specimen holders (different diameters)

More on request