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Embedding centers

Slee offers two ergonomic embedding centers for an optimized workflow in smaller and routine laboratories.


The space saving MPS P I is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 3.8 liters paraffin container, a heated working area and a cooling spot. The ergonomically elevated heated working area is illuminated by an adjustable LED light and allows comfortable processing of specimens.

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The modular paraffin embedding center MPS P II features ease of operation, spacious working area, large paraffin container capacity. All modules operate at the same working height and can be arranged accordingly to laboratory requirements. The flexible 3-module system consists of a dispensing element MPS P, a prewarming module MPS W and a cooling plate MPS C or MPS CX.

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The MPS P dispensing module has a large working area with integrated cooling spot. The working area has a special drainage system and guides spare paraffin into the extractable collection tray. The surface remains clean. This makes working and cleaning much easier.

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To have enough molds ready, the MPS W has a mold warmer for up to 500 molds. Temperature freely selectable up to 80 °C. Take common baskets (like from the MTM tissue processor) and place them directly into the cassette area. The MPS W has a retractable lid for easy filling and operation.

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The cooling modules MPS C and MPS CX enable fast and reliable cooling of paraffin blocks. A compressor-cooled work surface made of anodized aluminum offers homogeneous cold distribution and is easy to clean.

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