Compact paraffin embedding center


The space saving MPS P I is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 3.8 liters paraffin container, a heated working area and a cooling spot.

The ergonomically elevated heated working area is illuminated by an adjustable LED light and allows comfortable processing of specimens. All functions of the device are controlled by an intuitive control panel including programmable working hours. Two heated trays provide a pre-warming capacity of 120 cassettes and 250 embedding molds.


  • Manual lever and foot switch for paraffin dispensing
  • Spacious cooling spot
  • Integrated magnifier, adjustable
  • Armrest for optimized work ergonomics
  • Spacious and heated paraffin collection tray
  • 3.8 liters paraffin container
  • Programmable operating times
  • Easily adjustable forceps holders, magnetic
  • LED illumination, adjustable
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Integrated heated wax trimmer: Efficiently removes excess paraffin from any embedding tissue cassette; Paraffin is easily melted away and drains into the removable tray below; Physical damages (e.g. due to conventional trimming tools such as knife or razor) are consequently avoided; Large scale design of the trimmer area enables simultaneous paraffin trimming of multiple blocks
  • Two pre-warmed areas for up to 120 cassettes and 250 embedding molds
  • Large variety of electrically heated forceps (optional)

Standard components

Pre-warming and dispensing module
Foot switch for paraffin dispenser
Magnifier, adjustable
Paraffin collection tray
Forceps holder
Forceps (1 x blunt, 1 x pointed)
Cleaning spatula, black
Base molds 7 x 7 x 7 mm (stainless steel, 12 pcs.)
Base molds 24 x 24 x 7 mm (stainless steel, 12 pcs.)
Mains cable