Slee summer party – that’s how we party in Nieder-Olm!

Our Slee summer party is back!
A great barbecue and ice-cold drinks were just the right ingredients for a fine party with the colleagues.

After years of abstention, we were back with a great party!

The event kicked off with a brief staff meeting including a fire drill and assembly at the Rescue Point in the courtyard. Great, everyone in the right place, and the grill could be fired up directly!

Various meats, grilled cheese and chicken came along with delicious salads, straight from the kitchen of the boss and colleagues. It was hard to decide what to taste first.

Cool drinks were served with the food, and later on our Greek colleague had something fine up his sleeves …

The hilarious party lasted until late in the evening!

Want some impressions? Below you find the coolest photos of our summer party:

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